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Thin Blue Training is a weekly show devoted to finding and exploring law enforcement training. Each week we feature law enforcement trainers, exceptional law enforcement officers and even innovators in the realm of public safety gear. Find your next class at and get behind the scenes here on the Thin Blue Training podcast, where it’s all about outcomes.
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Oct 29, 2015

David Newman is a veteran homicide detective. He's also the owner of the Inside the Tape where he's instructed law enforcement officers, prosecutors and medical examiners in the skill set of Homicide and Crime Scene Management.

In this episode, Martin talks about how he once became a homicide detective and how he could have done better by seeking out training.

Dave details his Homicide and Crime Scene Management training course. You can find out more at

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Oct 22, 2015

TrackMole is a revolutionary new online tool that puts property back in the hands of its owner. Citizens can input their serial numbers, photos, etc of their property. If it's ever stolen, lost or recovered, law enforcement can use TrackMole to reunite the owner with their property.

As a matter of fact, anyone can use TrackMole to reconnect property with the proper owner. 

Shawn Tierney, the innovator of TrackMole, is a full-time police officer in Renton, Washington. Listen in as he talks about the versatility of TrackMole and how he came up with the idea.

Martin mentions how the Thin Blue Training logo was designed by using 99designs where artists from around the world compete to give you a design that's perfect for you.

Oct 15, 2015

Mass killings have become so commonplace that they've become part of the background narrative in the news.

The Alpha Group Center has a course that's designed to identify killers before they go on a rampage. Mike Roche, the instructor for the course, is a retired Secret Service agent who who's actually written a book on the topic.

Mass Killers by Mike Roche

You can find out more about Mike, the Alpha Group Center and the training course, Mass Killers at




Oct 8, 2015

In 2009, a terrorist began a rampage at Ford Hood in Killeen, Texas, resulting in 13 killed and 32 injured. That number would have been far higher if Kimberly Munley, a civilian police officer, hadn't squared off and exchanged rounds with the attacker. 

While hitting the terrorist twice, Kim was struck by three bullets. Listen to her harrowing story of how the event transpired, what she did to survive and the resulting aftermath. 

Kim Munley is a true inspiration.

Find out more about Kim and her mission to recognize and honor the wounded and killed servicemen and civilian personnel from the massacre

Kim is actively involved with law enforcement suicide prevention at



Oct 1, 2015

Remember that day your pinned on the badge? The ideals and goals you had to make your mark in law enforcement? This episode is all about bringing back the shine to the badge.

Michael Nila is the founder and Managing Director of Blue Courage at He’s devoted his life to his passion: inspiring law enforcement officers to be the best they can be.


In this episode, Michael addresses the debate of Warrior vs. Guardian. You may surprised by his answer. He also breaks down what some are calling the new corruption in law enforcement: cynicism.

Martin references Lt. Jim Glennon’s, Guardian Heart and Warrior Spirit” article at

Michael is also the author of The Nobility of Policing