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Thin Blue Training is a weekly show devoted to finding and exploring law enforcement training. Each week we feature law enforcement trainers, exceptional law enforcement officers and even innovators in the realm of public safety gear. Find your next class at and get behind the scenes here on the Thin Blue Training podcast, where it’s all about outcomes.
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Nov 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! Since it was a holiday, Martin didn't drag in anyone for a guest. Instead, we're putting some new tread on an older episode. This week you're going to hear Martin interview with Lt. Jim Glennon of Calibre Press from August, 2015.

By the way, it's going to be Black Friday soon. Do your shopping on Amazon, but use the url If you purchase something, Amazon will kick back a few nickels to the show (at no cost to you).

Saving the lives AND careers of law enforcement officers is the mission of today’s guest. On this episode, Lt. Jim Glennon, the owner of Calibre Press discusses Calibre’s, Street Survival Seminar.

 Lt. Glennon laid out the surprising statistics on the deaths of law enforcement officers, both on and off the clock. He also reveals the methodology behind the delivery of their training: honest, sometimes shocking imagery. 

 Praised as one of the top ten law enforcement books of all time, Lt. Glennon is also the author of, Arresting Communication: Essential Interaction Skills for Law Enforcement.


 Calibre Press

 Arresting Communication (by Lt. Jim Glennon)

 Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement (by Kevin M. Gilmartin)

 We’re Done (article by Lt. Jim Glennon)

 Stop Working: Are We There? (article by Lt. Jim Glennon)


Nov 19, 2015

Martin invites the listeners to head on over to to sign up for the Restricted Section where they can learn tips, tricks and techniques related to Lock Picking and Lock Bypassing.

Martin gives a shout out to the veterans in the United States. We owe them more than we can pay them. 

Martin also talks about the Paris massacre and how France is America's oldest friend.

Joe Demuro joins the show as today's guest. Joe teaches Line Supervision, Leadership and Liability to recently-promoted supervisors to help them in the transition to a supervisory role.

Joe talks about the dynamics of becoming an effective leader and supervisor and some of the common problems they encounter in their transition.

Find out more about Joe Demuro and his training at


Nov 12, 2015

On today's show, Martin mentions his affiliate program with Amazon. If you go to and purchase something, Amazon throws a few nickels back to the show at no additional cost to you. Thanks for clicking through!!!

Martin also asked the listeners to keep him posted about law enforcement benefits in their area so that he could promote them on the show.

Today's guest is George Williams, an expert witness in the subject matter of law enforcement use of force and reasonableness. George is actively saving the careers of law enforcement officers not only as an instructor, but as an expert witness on the stand.

George talks about two courts cases that have defined modern-day use of force and how it's viewed by the courts. First, Graham v. Connor changed everything when the court defined the reasonableness test for use of force incidents.

Second, Scott v. Harris, which began as a pursuit, further defined the role of reasonable and outcomes. As a matter of fact, the pursuit that started the case can be seen here:


Nov 5, 2015

Martin is just getting back from his agency's in-service training. He mentions a cool iPhone app that offers a virtual safety button that can be released in the event of an emergency. The app will then notify the police of an emergency with the GPS location of the phone.

Safe Trek

Martin will be teaching Lock Picking & Specialized Entry Techniques at the following locations in the first quarter of 2016:

Jeff Chapman, the Executive Director of the National Association of Field Training Officers joins the show as today's guest. Jeff details the mission of NAFTO, the coming changes to field training in the USA and the challenges facing the training of new officers.